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 When we started, we stood in the middle of town with a bowl in our hands and the people gave us that day's food. We have always depended on the Table of the Lord to help us live our lives and continue our ministry. So here we are again - only now our begging bowl is electronic!


SISTERS AND BROTHERS, our ministry is your ministry, our life together is also our life with you. If you can help us, please do so by being as generous as you can. You may also send check or credit card contributions through the United States Postal Service. By the way, all the information is confidential, comes only to us and stays with us.


Thanks & God Bless!


FRANCISCAN EVANGELICAL LIFE: In the spirit of continuous conversion, the brothers & sisters turn toward God in loving prayer and toward their neighbor in loving service. Contemplation and action complement each other. They demonstrate by gentleness in action and in speech that true peace flows from right relationships, reconciliation & action on behalf of justice. They actively seek to create a world in which all feel welcomed equally and loved deeply and in which all participate in loving and healing one another. Contemplating God who is love, they understand the immensity of God's self emptying love in Christ. At times the response is silence, awe & wonder. At other times, the response is action furthering God's plan for relating, loving, caring, healing & serving. At all times the response is humility & gratitude. - Patricia Hutchinson OSF



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